Jobs in Japan - Translation Jobs

By James Gibbs.

There is certainly a lot of translating and interpreting work available, but I would like to say two things about this. First, you just about have to be bilingual to do it, or have more than ten years of experience studying and using Japanese, neither of which the majority of newly arrived job seekers to Japan will have.

Second, unless you are at the top of the profession, translation work does not pay very well. In some cases, the pay is even less than a good paying teaching job. There are just too many Japanese, particularly many older and retired people who do this.

Although this is a venerable profession requiring a great amount of knowledge and expertise, the laws of supply and demand have reduced the pay scales down to a not so respectable level.

Interpreting is better paying and could provide you with many interesting opportunities to travel and meet people, but translation is a... well how do I say this politely... a less than extremely exciting profession. Unless you feel a spiritual calling to be a translator, I would stick to teaching. It is a lot easier and the pay is better.

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