Jobs in Japan - Rewriting Jobs

By James Gibbs.

I often hear many people who have been teaching English for a year or so say, "I would like to get into rewriting work." This is because they have tired of doing English conversation classes and are ready for some other type of job. For a native speaker of English writing seems to be something he or she would be naturally suited for, even if this person has not won any literary awards.

In fact, there is a tremendous amount of writing work available, but much of it is not even advertised. Many Japanese companies will advertise, either in the paper or through a placement company, for some specific position like financial analyst, engineer, marketing specialist, administrator, etc.

In many cases, the bulk of the work for these assignments involves writing, proofreading, and helping Japanese staff prepare documents in these areas. This is something that most educated native speakers can do, although a person just out of college with a liberal arts degree might not see themselves responding to one of the specific job categories above. With Japanese companies, I would advise you to respond to these ads.

With Foreign companies, however, the actual job content would more likely resemble its description, so you might be a little more careful in answering want ads with foreign company's, i.e., they might expect you to have some background in the area of the job title.

Also, there are many companies that specialize in translation, writing and proofreading, and you will often see these kinds of job descriptions in the want ads.

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